Meet Abby Terpstra!

What did you Major/Minor in in college? Does that have a direct or indirect correlation to where you are now?

“I graduated from Calvin College with a major in General Business and a minor in Sociology. I’d say both my major and minor have a direct correlation to the job position I currently have, working with managing clients issues on a daily basis.”

What sparked your interest in Property Management?

“When it comes to the field of Property Management, I was lucky enough to grow up in it as my dad works in the field. It was something I always knew because I was surrounded by it every day indirectly though my dad.”

Did your career path always involve Property Management? If not, what was it originally and how did you find yourself to come across this path?

“I always knew I wanted to go into some sort of business position. At the time of graduation, I didn’t exactly know what kind of position. However, Property Management was always a strong contender.”

Do you have to have any sort of license to be a property manager?

“You have to have your Salesperson Real Estate License. Additionally, a property manager could go the extra mile and obtain their Certified Property Manager (CPM) license which would help that individual gain a better portfolio and obtain different clients.”

What kinds of properties do you manage?

“I manage mostly industrial properties as well as some offices.”

How many properties do you manage?

“I manage around 44 properties.”

What does your typical workday look like?

“I typically find myself doing some of the same processes every month. Whether that is certain reports, contacting owners and tenants, and visiting their properties. There is a very strict routine of schedules related to every building I manage which keeps my days very busy.”

What is Property Management in your own words?

“Property Management is creatively navigating tenant and landlord problems and goals while coming up with the best solutions for both parties.”

What does it take to become a successful Property Manager?
“99.5% is being good at communicating in a timely manner.”