Meet Karri Scruggs!

Karri is the Director of Finance at NAI Wisinski of West Michigan. She has been at the company since 2000 and attributes that to the welcoming and trustworthy atmosphere the office brings.

What did you study in school? Do you see a connection to where you are currently in your career?

“I went to Hope College, and I have a four-year degree in accounting. I’m the Director of Finance here so it is very correlated to the degree I have. When I graduated, I did not want to go into public accounting or become a CPA, so I worked for a bank for a year. It wasn’t a good fit for me, so I started looking for a new job and found an opening at NAI and have been here ever since!”

If you had to describe NAI Wisinski of West Michigan in three words, what would they be?

“Trustworthy, flexible, and good people.”

What does a day in the life look like for you?

“I am totally different than anyone here, I don’t meet with clients or go out to properties. I work two days in the office, and the days I am at home I am working on whatever I brought home that I did not finish the days prior. When I come into the office I process deals first, so I see what deals or checks have came in and get those done first, then I pay bills and handle payroll. All money related!”

In your opinion, what makes West Michigan special?

“It is very family-friendly. I lived in Florida before I went to college, but my family was from this area and my parents went to Hope. The culture in this area is very grounded, it feels like home.”

Where in the community could someone find you on a day off from work?

“If you would find me anywhere, I would probably be at a soccer field. Both my boys play soccer, so if they want to do something for fun they want to go to the field. Otherwise, I am at one of their games watching them play! My older son plays for Wyoming High School and Revolution, and my younger son plays for AYSO United.”

What is your best piece of advice for new college graduates entering the work force?

“Be true to who you are and find something you like to do! Don’t pounce on your first job offer just because you want a job, follow your heart and go where God wants you to go.”

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Karri Scruggs