Meet Noah Rachor!

Noah Joined NAI Wisinski of West Michigan in 2023 as an associate. He brings with him educational expertise in business and direct work experience in budget management, financial reporting and bookkeeping, small business development, and market research. Keep reading to learn more about Noah!


Did anyone influence you to go into real estate?

“My dad and my first bosses influenced me to go into real estate. The hunt to find value in real estate was interesting to me. The wealth you can build in real estate is reliable and it is a good place to stake your future.”

What do you like most about working with NAI?

“The community is what I like most about NAI. Everyone has a positive mindset and is able to relate to what it is like to start out in the real estate business. I think that impacts how agents treat me and look to help in ways that are unique and meaningful.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I love being with friends, being outside, and I love to take part in sports whether it’s watching or playing. I love golf, basketball, hiking, traveling, and hanging out on a beach.”

How have you been able to effectively network yourself?

“I effectively network myself by making that first step and reaching out to someone and being okay with hearing “no.” I email and call people constantly. Being vulnerable and allowing people to understand how I am trying to help with is key.”

What values and beliefs define the way you do business?

“My faith influences the way I do business. I maintain the perspective of knowing that there is a lot more to a person than what their title or business is. I am not quick to judge and I have a pretty open mindset when it comes to receiving feedback.”