Meet Todd Leinberger!

Todd is a Michigan native with a passion for business. At NAI Wisinski of West Michigan, he operates as a partner and Vice President with a focus in retail brokerage.

What is one quality you believe every successful real estate agent needs to have?

The ability to put the needs of the client first in every situation – Deliver client centric solutions.

What do you think is special about NAI Wisinski of West Michigan that sets us apart?

I think what is special about us is the amount of collaboration. We have 20+ agents all doing really good work with and for their clients. The wealth of knowledge plus a high degree of collaboration among our agents creates an environment where each agent  is able to provide better service for their clients.

What, in your opinion, is the hardest part of doing real estate?

The hardest part of real estate is dealing with uncertainty. There is no transaction guaranteed to go through – there is not a current client that is guaranteed to be your client in the future. You learn to handle the infinite number of things that are outside your control daily.

What does a typical “day-in-the-life” in such a whirlwind industry look like?

My typical day is consistent in that I’ve got a list of things I must accomplish throughout the day to promote my listings, work on transactions, and move forward with my searches for buyers and tenants. But a degree of time needs to be left open for the unexpected. A showing or issue can come up at any time, so it’s a mixture of planned time and then reacting and responding to urgent matters.

What would your best piece of advice be for college graduates entering the work force?

Go to work at a place where there is robust training and seasoned professionals who invest in young talent –  not only will recent graduates have the opportunity to grow in their technical knowledge, but also learn about how to be a great professional.

If you had to out yourself into a career tomorrow that was not Commercial Real Estate, what would you pick and why?

There was a period of my life where I wanted to be a ski patroller and a fly-fishing instructor, so probably something outdoors or outdoors related.

If you had to do CRE in a city that was not in West Michigan, where would you go?

I visited Dubai a few years ago, and the density of commercial real estate is mind boggling, so maybe I would choose that just to understand what’s going on with Dubai and its real estate.

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Todd Leinberger