Meet Kaleb Antonides!

Kaleb joined the NAI Wisinski of West Michigan team earlier this year and brought with him a wealth of knowledge surrounding property management, business, and data analytics. He believes every property manager should focus on thorough communication and treating every client with respect.

What did you study in school? Was it always your plan to have a career in commercial real estate?
“My undergrad was actually in health sciences! That was a couple of years ago and there’s been a lot of changes I’ve gone through that ended me up in real estate and specifically property management.”
In your opinion, what is one quality every Property Manager should have?
“Communication is huge. It can solve a lot of issues. It helps you keep on top of things and avoid problems down the road.”
What is the biggest challenge you face in property management and how do you handle it?
“Every situation is different. You’re dealing with different people, different tenants, different owners. They all have different wants and timelines, so it’s problem solving with that. You have to know who you’re dealing with but also treat everyone with respect. Like I said, good communication goes a long way.”
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
“If we are talking about when I was 8 years old, I wanted to be a hockey player. When I was in school, for the longest time I wanted to become a physiotherapist. Through a lot of changes and purchasing my own real estate a few years ago, I decided that property management was a good field for me to be in because it takes a lot of different skills and everyday is different – some days are interesting and some are challenging, but always rewarding!”
Favorite hockey team to cheer for?
“The Toronto Maple Leafs! It’s kind of like being a Lions fan, not a whole lot of success lately, but this year is our year.”
What is special about NAI Wisinski of West Michigan that differentiates us from competition?
“The culture here is phenomenal. There are a lot of people with a lot of experience who I can lean on, bounce ideas off of, and who can mentor me. Everyone is very open, welcoming, and willing to help and problem solve together. It’s also just a fun place to be at.”
If you had to do commercial real estate in a city that was not in West Michigan, what would you pick?
“I would probably choose somewhere south like Arizona or New Mexico, or maybe the Carolinas. I’ve always wanted to visit but I’m not too familiar with the market. West Michigan has been great ever since I moved here, so I’m happy where I’m at.”
Do you have a 10-year goal for yourself? What does that look like?
“I want to be established in my career, having developed good relationships with owners and tenants and be at a point where I am relied upon within my organization and in more of a leadership role.”

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Kaleb Antonides