Meet Tom Kilgore!

Tom joined the property management team of Taatjes & Tol, Inc. (now NAI Wisinski of West Michigan) in April of 2000. He enjoys working at NAI because of the family atmosphere. ‘Everyone truly cares about each other and is willing to lend a hand both professionally and personally.’

What was your Major/Minor in college? Does that have a direct or indirect correlation to where you are now?

“I majored in automotive service management at Ferris State University and in Business Administration at Davenport University. Majoring in Business Administration had a direct correlation to where I am now.”


What Sparked your interest in Property Management?

“I built and owned residential property with my brother and managed those properties which sparked my interest in property management as a whole.”


Did your career path always involve Property Management? If not, what was it originally and how did you find yourself to come across this path?

“At first, I owned an automotive repair facilities company and did that for about 15 years. I ended up selling the businesses because it wasn’t as fun as it used to be. I spent a couple years playing “Mr. Mom”. Soon after, through mutual connections, I was presented with a job opportunity in the field of property management.”


What kinds of properties do you manage?

I manage retail properties, offices, and industrial properties.”


What does your typical workday look like?

“There is no such thing as a typical workday in property management. My days involve responding to tenant needs, addressing property maintenance and repair needs, and property site visits. Each day is different. That is what makes it so fun.”


What is Property Management in your own words?

“Running a business. Each individual property is its own business, and you are running those businesses.”


What does it take to become a successful Property Manager?

“You have to have thick skin, pay attention to detail, a strong financial background, and a good grasp of building systems and how they operate.”

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